Will - Vocals

Hi i’m Will i’m 37 years old

I have been playing in bands most of my life. I started playing drums in the middle school at the age of 13 and was drumming in a local swing and blues band by the age of 15 I also was learning guitar in the background.

I eventually started drumming and singing in rock covers bands the longest running one being 4 years where we did small festivals anniversaries and pub gigs !

Singing is what I love theses days but the need to get behind the drums is still there! and now i’ve landed in downside up and looking forward to playing in a venue near you 🤘🏻

 Anthony - Bass

Anthony is an extremely experienced bass player and we are excited to be working him.

More information coming soon.  

Scott - Guitar

I Have over 40 years experience playing guitar. Performing both covers and original material from small intimate settings to large venues.

Performance history - Solo Artist (Acoustic Rock), BAHO ( Rock Pop), Breed (Heavy Rock) , Safety In Numbers (Folk Rock)  and finally Downside Up ( Come and find out what we do).

I have also recorded 8 albums with appearances on several others.

I really love performing to an audience and I cant wait to be back out there again very soon.

Chris - Drums

There will be some information about Chris very soon....

Lets just say for now, he's an amazing drummer and we are very proud to have him as part of the family.

Tim - Keys

- I grew up with classical music as my only influence and started learning the piano aged 8 then promptly stopped six months later, realising even at that early age I wasn't going to be playing music that I enjoyed playing.
I was 13 when my music teacher sat me down and played Switched On Bach by Walter Carlos, this was music I had heard but it was played on a Moog synthesizer.  It blew my mind and inspired a lifetime love of electronica (massive thanks to Chris Dowie!!).  Fast forward to the early 80's and I was listening to the likes of Yes, Tangerine Dream, Pink Floyd, Camel and taking many trips to see Twelfth Night, IQ, Liaison and other British  prog bands at the Marquee Club in Wardour Street.
I joined the blues band Redhouse in the 00's, playing a few gigs around the Salisbury area and then a short lived but fun time with The Last Resort of The Aggressive Badger, put together for a beer festival at The Plough in Manston.
Downside Up are looking forward to some great gigs so if you like clasic rock and indie tracks check out our gigs page and get down to see us.